KrankingKART® Mini HD

Our patented line of KrankingKART JR jump starter devices use supercapacitors to provide reliable, maintenance free engine starting. Both the KrankingKART JR and the KrankingKART Mini HD are lightweight, portable, durable, and can recharge to full cranking power in 30 seconds. Plus, they last for about 1,000,000 cycles and are maintenance free. Perfect for light trucks, boats, cars, RVs and more!

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We manufacture several types of ether starting fluid systems; patented fully automatic, NVT, DIESELMATIC II, 21 ounce, 18 ounce, and 8 ounce systems available. Each DIESELMATIC system is available for a wide variety of applications, including for trucking, mass transit, construction, agriculture, locomotives, utilities, generators, snow removal, and military.

Ether cylinders

Our ether cylinders store and provide the ether fluid needed to start your diesel engines. They have a unique O-ring seal that protects the valve from dirt and moisture, and our cylinders come standard with a protective cap and replacement valve gasket to minimize any issues or downtime.

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Valve assemblies

Find replacement valve assemblies that work seamlessly with our DIESELMATIC ether starting fluid systems. We have options for each of our systems, as well as for diesel engines of all sizes.

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Keep your ether system working at its best with our high quality nylon atomizing tubing, heavy duty cylinder clamps, atomizer or nozzle adapter bushings, valve or tubing fittings, and injector nozzles.

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Metering orifices

Our high quality, long lasting metering orifices are engineered to control flow specifically in our DIESELMATIC NVT™ ether starting systems. We have options for all of our ether systems and for engines of all sizes, so you can find the best one for your needs.

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BLOCKOR® fittings

The KBi BLOCKOR fitting is the heart of a DIESELMATIC System. A BLOCKOR controls the flow rate of starting fluid being injected into the engine and is also responsible for vaporizing the fluid in the most efficient manner possible. We have options for all engine sizes!

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